Website Updates and The Hamptons

A few people have asked me about video on my website – we’ve just made some updates that showcase my reel and the summer Montauk/NYC program. Take a look around – you’ll find video on the front page and the ‘About Gary’ page, including an appearance I made on Discovery’s Man V Expert series.

Also – bookings are coming in for this summer’s acting program, but there’s still time to be a part of it. Click here and sign up for a weekend or a month – I’d love to see you. Like my friend and student Denise said when she took the workshop, “It’s like acting on vacation!”

Come Act in Montauk & NYC This Summer!

I Want to Go to Montauk!

Come be a part of this summer’s adventure!

Our Hamptons/NYC-based summer retreat was founded by Swanson in 2006 in the spirit of the 1931 Group Theater. It is an all-encompassing safe place for actors to work and develop. It is a sanctuary to refine and hone the craft, explore the work and breathe new life into inspiration by bringing the actor into contact with a universal power, the creative source that knows no limitations. Our Hamptons retreat allows an artist to capture that inspiration and infuse it directly into their acting work.

Come join us!
I Want to Go to Montauk!

Actors Vow

by Elia Kazan

I will take my rightful place on stage
and I will be myself.
I am not a cosmic orphan.
I have no reason to be timid.
I will respond as I feel;
awkwardly, vulgarly,
but respond.

I will have my throat open,
I will have my heart open,
I will be vulnerable.
I may have anything or everything
the world has to offer, but the thing
I need most, and want most,
is to be myself.

I will admit rejection, admit pain,
admit frustration, admit even pettiness,
admit shame, admit outrage,
admit anything and everything
that happens to me.

The best and most human parts of me
are those I have inhabited
and hidden from the world.
I will work on it.
I will raise my voice.
I will be heard

Let’s Make Art!

The goal of this retreat is to learn and make art – we will create a short film, and work on a piece for performance on stage in New York City. I’d like you to be a part of it.


You canĀ  contact us for any specific questions you may have, or to apply to the 2017 Summer Program.